Java Coding Questions for Testers Top 10
Java Coding Questions for Testers Top 10

Manual testing involves human testers executing test cases and generating test reports. It is suitable for small test projects and can identify issues that may be missed in automated tests. Manual testing does not require advanced scripting knowledge and is relatively easy to perform. However, it can be time-consuming for large projects and is prone to human errors. Test automation is an integral part of the Quality Assurance process that involves using test automation tools and scripts to execute test cases and validate the functionality and quality of an application. Now, the information gathered in the requirements analysis phase will be used for test planning.

  • Now, the information gathered in the requirements analysis phase will be used for test planning.
  • In this article, we will discuss the basics of Quality Assurance (QA) and its role in software testing.
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  • For example, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a performance improvement-focused SQA model.

While manual testing always has its place within the testing process, solely relying on this testing approach can often lead to testing inaccuracies as well as an overworked team of skilled QA testers. Many successful companies choose to implement a testing framework like Selenium so that their development cycle supports an even balance of automation testing with manual testing. The quality of products and services is a key competitive differentiator. Quality assurance helps ensure that organizations create and ship products that are clear of defects and meet the needs and expectations of customers. High-quality products result in satisfied customers, which can result in customer loyalty, repeat purchases, upsell and advocacy. To grow in a testing job, testers should also have a working knowledge of programming languages such as Java or Python.

Differences between SQA and Software Testing

Consider the advantages and tradeoffs of each approach, such as maximizing efficacy, reducing cost or minimizing errors. Management must be willing to implement process changes and to work together to support the QA system and establish standards for quality. Quality assurance (QA) is any systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements.

What is QA in Java

There are five different solutions for the software development problem. Release It is defined as when the software is handed over to the users by the tester and developer. For convenience, this software also contains the historic "limited" strength policy files which restricts cryptographic strengths. To use the limited strength policy, instead of the default unlimited policy, you must update the "crypto.policy" Security property (in /conf/security/ to point to the appropriate directory.

Thanks, you’re all set!

Perhaps I’ll do this with my next group of manual testers on a trial basis. However, the first time I decided that I’ll talk about unit testing when students have mastered the basics of Java syntax, OOP, and data structures at an acceptable level. By that time, they had been studying for almost two months, and they were about to start classes with their QA mentor on topics such as Selenium WebDriver. I had once collected such problems for future programmers, and I decided to use the first part of that collection for testers as well.

Thanks to the use of Just-In-Time compilers, the language provides fairly high performance. You can easily determine the amount of memory a program needs, making its performance predictable. Java plays nicely with various tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, and Gradle. Almost all Java libraries are reliable for creating a supportive environment for users.

Java for Quality Assurance (QA) Automation Engineers: How to Learn?

You also must readily adapt to changing needs and collaborate with other team members and others throughout the organization. As you continue your journey in advancing your career as a developer, we hope you’ll add “QA engineer” as another possible path. Even from behind the scenes, they play an essential role in software development.

Even after the end product is presented to the client, QA engineers still play a vital role in working with the client during acceptance testing. The QA engineer helps identify, analyze, and classify issues as they come up, and they update the test plan to address these issues. If the QA automation engineer is able to optimize the code, she is literally a gem of a specialist. During the course, I thought of teaching my students the basics of refactoring and optimization. I recommended that they read a very good book called Refactoring by Martin Fowler. I prepared several long and confusing examples that students needed to optimize and provide explanations for why they decided to change the code.


With testing tools, you’re directly involved with the whole process (and you should be!) so you don’t have to ask or beg for something every time you need to do your thing. In the system of Company Quality, the work being carried out was shop floor inspection which did not reveal the major quality problems. This led to quality assurance or total quality control, which has come into being recently. If the specification does not reflect the true quality requirements, the product's quality cannot be guaranteed. For instance, the parameters for a pressure vessel should cover not only the material and dimensions but operating, environmental, safety, reliability and maintainability requirements. It will be tough to perform automated testing without the necessary tools, so you should make an informed choice.

What is QA in Java

On the left side of the screen, you'll complete the task in your workspace. On the right side of the screen, you'll watch an instructor walk you through the project, step-by-step. Everyone got the work of the other student and was asked to test the solution and make suggestions on how to fix the code.

However, these tasks were not always enough, and I was looking for some new ones on the Internet. I recommend that both developers and QA automation beginners look for such tasks. I did this for my students and found CodeGym, a site that includes a Java course for beginners to intermediate level. This site contains a huge number of coding tasks that cover all Java Core topics. The best thing about it is an automatic verification of the solution, so I, as a mentor, didn’t need to check all these tasks every time. After that students joined automation testing course (Selenium Webdriver, PageObject and PageFactory, Jenkins, service testing (REST, SOAP) patterns and so on).

What is QA in Java

I recommended them to read a very good book “Refactoring” by Martin Fowler. I prepared several long and confusing examples that students need to optimize and provide explanations why they decided to change the code. I proposed them to look for bad code in the same forums for beginners and improve it as homework. And with a powerful team in place, you can produce exceptional products and achieve greater success when going to the market.

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